UNANIMA Board Meets

The UNANIMA Board, which consists of one member from each of our 21 congregations, meets twice a year. Here they are at the September 22-24 meeting:


(Back row left to right): Suzette Clark, RSC, Kathleen Butler CSB, Nonata de Aguiar Bezerra SND, Sylvia Obrigewitsch NDS, Judy Curley SASV, Fran Gorsuch CBS, Margaret Fyfe CSB, Josee Therrien RJM, Maureen Foltz CCV. (Middle row, left to right): Stacy Hanrahan CND, Susan Seeby, CSA –substituting for Sally Ann Brickner, OSF–, Karol Brewer for MSCs, Mary Akinwale SHCJ, Margaret Scott ACI, Mary Kaye Nealen SP, Ellen Sinclair SDS, Barbara Jean Head OSU, Mary Jean Audette SUSC. (Front row, left to right): Barbara Spears SNJM, Michele Morek OSU, Jean Quinn DW, Lucille Goulet SSA, Anne McCabe SM.

Outgoing members of the board are Kathleen CSB, Sylvia NDS, Michele OSU, and—not pictured—Shauna Bankemper SND, Kathleen Scanlon RJM, and Dianna Ortiz OSU.

UNANIMA thanks these dedicated board members for their service, and welcomes the new representatives!