New Female Faces in UN Leadership

The UN may not have a female Secretary General, as many hoped it would, but that does not mean the institution will need to wait another five years to see women become more visible and influential in its . In his statement before the General Assembly after taking his oath of office, Secretary General António Guterres named the achievement of gender parity in leadership as one of the chief aims of his term. He pledged to achieve full gender parity in the offices of the senior management group and chief executive board of the UN, including Special Representatives and Special Envoys to the Secretary General, by the end of his mandate. Thus far, Guterres has named women to the posts of Deputy Secretary General and Chief of Cabinet. He has also appointed a woman to a new cabinet position of his own creation: the Special Advisor for Policy. The appointed Deputy SG, Amina Mohammed (above), comes to her new role from service as Nigeria’s Minister of Environment, Special Advisor to Ban Ki-Moon in planning for the Sustainable Development Goals, and, previously, Nigeria’s Special Advisor on the Millennium Development Goals. Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti (right) of Brazil
will take up the mantle as Chief of Cabinet and South Korea’s Kyung-wha Kang (left) will break ground as the UN SG’s first Special Advisor on Policy. The UNANIMA team looks forward to seeing what waves the feminine spirit can bring to these prominent global leadership roles. See this article for a thorough account of Guterres’ gender party campaign thus far.