• Marie Chiodo, DW with AnneMarie Gardiner, SSND took part along with 550,000 others in  the Women’s
    March in Washington to express shared concerns for human rights, and issues about the earth. Also in the photo are 3 women from Bahrain, here for a semester of study and to see how democracy works where people can gather and speak to power. There were people of every ethnicity witnessing to unity and to hope for the world in this movement for the common good.


  • Religious working in the Eastern DRC are invited to participate in a six-day workshop in Goma starting 2 April 2017. The workshop will focus on the topic of “Pastoral Prevention and Pastoral, Compassionate and Spiritual Response to the Challenges of Victims Suffering from Sexual Abuse in Conflict Areas.” It is being hosted by the UK Embassy, the Holy See, UISG, USG, and the JPIC Commission. Contact us for more details.


  • A 5-week, online, English-language course on the Sustainable Development Goals will begin in May 2017. The courses will address the three pillars of sustainable development; the connections between climate change, planetary boundaries, social inclusion and human rights; the vision and principles of UN Agenda 2030; the plan for monitoring and evaluating implementation of the SDGs. Interested participants must enroll by 24 April 2017. More details and registration forms are available here.