Climate Change News

On 5 October 2016– in an unprecedented sign of momentum and global leadership– the Paris Climate Change Agreement gained enough member state approvals to cross the threshold for “entry into force,” just 10 months after the world came together in Paris. This is considered the most ambitious climate change agreement in history and a turning point in history – if we make it one. It is amazing that countries could set aside their differences to work on this difficult topic. But its implementation is the only true measure of its success, and all parties to the treaty will have to be held accountable for their commitment. It was the ratification by the 28 member nations of the European Union (EU) that sent the ratification over the 55% level (of countries responsible for 55% of the global warming emissions) needed for entry into force. Congratulations to the EU for putting us over the top, and to India (the world’s third largest emitter of greenhouse gases), which ratified the Paris climate agreement on Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday (2 October) The next U.N. climate conference starts 7 November in Marrakech, Morocco.