We Are Not Waiting!

4 December 2012

So, how shall UNANIMA contribute to this important discussion? At its fall meeting, the UNANIMA board considered a remarkable piece of work submitted by the Social Justice Office of the Sisters of Saint Anne in Montreal.

Website Woes

4 December 2012

Our website (which was in need of some repair anyway) is having problems with the sections translated into other languages. We apologize for this inconvenience, but are using the occasion to re-think what we want the website to be and to do. We are hoping to do a survey that will give you some input […]

“Like” us on Facebook!

2 October 2012

As an extension of our Updates, we are tackling the age of social media and have just launched a new Facebook page. We will be sharing new developments at the UN, articles, events, and other resources we discover. Interact with us and with our communities! And to anyone interested in supporting this venture, we encourage […]

Woman of Courage—Not Too Late!

4 September 2012

Surely there are some of you who know a Woman of Courage, who has shown courage in one or more of the “UNANIMA areas” of women/ children, poverty, trafficking, migration/ refugees, or the environment/ water? Contact Michele to talk about it.