7 March 2016

Two NGO groups with whom we work have produced a wonderful resource: a handbook on “Making Rights Work for People Living in Extreme Poverty.” See There you will also find links to an introductory video with subtitles in English, French, Spanish, and German. For 2016 they are considering pilot implementation / trainings in six […]

Report from Addis Ababa

5 October 2015

NGOs who went to the Financing for Development conference reported that NGOs were very happy about the strong, united voice from civil society (over 600 NGOs were there) and the good side events, particularly one sponsored by Baha’i International. On the other hand, they were disappointed in the negotiations and their outcome. There were too […]

Third International UN Conference on Financing for Development

3 August 2015

Many developing countries were generally disappointed in the outcome of the recent UN Conference on Financing for Development (FfD) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. While the UN reported that the “groundbreaking agreement” forms the “foundation of a revitalized global partnership for sustainable development that will leave no one behind,” some civil society organizations were less enthusiastic. […]

Civil Society Meets with Post2015 and FfD Chairs

1 June 2015

In late April, Civil Society participated in a discussion with the co-chairs of both the post-2015 (the Sustainable Development Goal process) and the Financing for Development (FfD) group which is preparing for the Addis Ababa finance meeting. It is important for the two groups to keep talking to each other, since the FfD holds a […]

Wanted: Good/Bad Examples

1 May 2014

The UN is deep into the discussion of “Partnerships” as a way to fund its many global goals. Many among the NGO community are worried that it will promote “business as usual” attitudes and allow large multinational corporations too much control. The Natural Resources Defense Council, a non-profit environmental advocacy group, is asking for grassroots […]

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