Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty Negotiations at the UN

10 May 2017

By Stacy Hanrahan, CND On 16 December 2016, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a Landmark Resolution for negotiations of a treaty to ban nuclear weapons, leading to their elimination. The treaty aims not to limit the number of nuclear weapons, nor to prevent new countries from obtaining them, but rather, to declare them illegal […]

A Call from the UN and Response from NGOs on Climate Change and Water Protection

6 April 2017

The UN system did not forget to acknowledge the environment in the midst of all the activity focused on women last month. On 23 March, the President of the General Assembly held a High-level Event on Climate Change in the Sustainable Development Agenda. Several governments made statements about the effects of climate change already being […]

NGO Mining Working Group Raises the Issue of Land- and Water-Grabbing

9 March 2017

As always, there were a number of stellar side-events sponsored by the NGO community at this year’s Commission on Social Development (CSocD). As a member of the NGO Mining Working Group, UNANIMA was connected to one such side-event, which framed protection of land and water as a strategy for poverty eradication. Much of the discussion […]

Committee on Migration Responds to Refugee and Muslim Ban in US

9 March 2017

Shortly after instating a refugee resettlement program in 1980, the United States established itself as a leader in refugee resettlement. Though all refugee applicants must endure an arduous, two-year screening process before being referred for resettlement in the US, the most recent statistics indicate that the US actually accepts two-thirds of the world’s refugees who […]