Welcome Our New Executive Assistant!

2 September 2016

Meet Teresa Blumenstein, UNANIMA’s new Executive Assistant. Teresa is a New Jersey native and a 2013 alumna of the University of Notre Dame. While completing a bachelor’s degree in chemical and biomolecular engineering, she engaged in youth mentorship at a Catholic Worker in Hartford, Connecticut, environmental activism in the Appalachian Mountains, and development research focused […]

UN Agreement on Refugees ad Migrants

2 September 2016

According to the UN, in 2015, 24 million people left their home countries because of war or persecution. More than 10 times that number — 244 million — were considered migrants, living somewhere other than the country of their birth. But the situation of these people is so politically sensitive that after days of intense […]

Is the HLPF Working?

2 September 2016

In mid-July the UN held the first meeting of the High Level Political Forum (HLPF) since the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were approved in September 2015. We were very excited to see how the process would work. This is the really practical side of sustainable development governance on the country level—how the 2030 agenda is […]

Celebrate! (and Move On)

2 September 2016

  Do you want to hear about a real success at the UN? The UN Montreal Protocol, the landmark 1989 environmental treaty designed to close the hole in the ozone layer by banning chloro-fluorocarbons (CFCs)…is actually working! CFC chemicals used as coolants for refrigerators and air conditioning caused serious depletion of a layer of ozone […]

Race for Secretary General

2 September 2016

After the first and second “straw polls” by the Security Council, Antonio Guterres, former Portuguese prime minister and a past head of the UN’s refugee organization was the clear leader both times. In the second straw vote round, in second place was Vuk Jeremic, a dynamic former Serbian foreign minister and a former president of […]

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