Meet Our New Intern!

3 June 2016

From one of our newest member congregations, the Sisters of Notre Dame!   S. Nonata A. Bezerra SND, from Brazil, has been working at the grassroots most of her life, and was the coordinator for the Brazilian government education programs in the rural area of Acre State in the Amazon. She presently lives in their international […]

Final Thoughts on CSW

3 June 2016

At the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) this year, over 4,000 civil society representatives gave voice to issues crucial to women and girls through meetings, in over 600 educational events, and in many other activities. The CSW was particularly important this year not only for celebrating its sixtieth session, but also for focusing […]

2015 Woman of Courage in the News

3 June 2016

“I defend the land, defend the water because that is life. I’m not afraid (of) power companies. Keep fighting,” said Maxima Acuña, UNANIMA’s Woman of Courage for 2015, as she received the Goldman Prize—one of the world’s most important environmental awards. This tiny illiterate woman is described by some as the successor to the martyred […]

Climate Change : Migration

3 June 2016

In May, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) held a briefing on Migration, Environment & Climate Change. The rights of migrants were integrated into the Paris climate change agreement in the preamble. There is no legal definition for “climate / environmental refugee” (did you know that?) so they are using the term “human mobility.”  Looking […]

Progress on the SDGs

3 June 2016

The day before the April 22 signing of the Paris climate change agreement, the heads of governments gathered for an event focused on the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The President of the General Assembly reminded them of the day six months earlier when the 2030 Agenda for Social Development was signed—a moment […]

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