Welcome to the Congregation of Mary!

2 May 2016

UNANIMA now has 21 member congregations. Our new member, the Marist sisters (SM), will tell you their own story:   The Marist Sisters are a small international Congregation, present in fourteen countries around the world – in Europe, South America, North America and Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Originated in post-Revolution France, it was born […]

Board Meeting

2 May 2016

The two newest board members, Anne McCabe SM from the Marist Sisters (third from right in the second row) and Shauna Bankemper SND from the Sisters of Notre Dame (third from the left in the second row) were present at the spring board meeting. Can you find your board member? Kathleen Scanlon RJM was absent […]

UN Signs Climate Agreement

2 May 2016

All world leaders were invited to a signing ceremony on 22 April for the historic climate agreement reached in Paris in December last year. The signing event coincided with the UN observance of International Mother Earth Day. Ms. Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, Coordinator of the Indigenous Women and Peoples Association of Chad, was selected to represent […]

Climate Change Lesson #2

2 May 2016

Maybe we should start from the beginning with a little science lesson! There are several gases which, when released into the air, form a “blanket” around the Earth that keeps in the heat. Another analogy is that the layer of gases act like the glass in a greenhouse, which allows the heat of the sun […]

Report on CSW

2 May 2016

UNANIMA intern Jean Quinn DW won the lottery for the single ticket we got for the opening session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). Here is her report in her own words: Ban Ki-moon said to the thousands of women gathered “You inspire me; you empower me, and I am energized […]

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