Meet Our New Intern!

9 February 2015

Barbara Spears SNJM is no stranger to UNANIMA! In preparation for serving on the board later this year, she has already been to a board meeting, and has heard the story of UNANIMA for years through her Community Leader (former UI Director Catherine Ferguson). She also brings a doctorate in Educational Leadership and 40 years’ […]

Negotiations Begin

9 February 2015

Almost everything else stopped on January 19-21, as NGOs attended the first session of the negotiation phase of the process of creating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This first session was the “Stocktaking” session—how we arrived at this point from Rio 1 in 1992, through the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Rio +20, and everything in […]

Barbershop Conference

9 February 2015

Recognizing that achieving gender equality will require the active participation of men and boys too, in January the UN held its first “Barbershop Conference,” aimed at dispelling stereotypes, promoting non-discriminatory and non-sexist male attitudes, promoting gender equality, and ending violence against women and girls. The name was created to give the impression of a comfortable, […]

Updates on Sex Work Industry Worldwide

9 February 2015

We applaud the legislatures of Canada and Ireland for their new laws that respectively target the demand for prostitution or buyers of sex, and decriminalize prostituted individuals. Last November the Irish Cabinet passed the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Bill of 2014 that criminalizes the purchase of sex, while strengthening Irish laws against sexual grooming, child […]


9 February 2015

The UN is not all black suits. Last November 25, to celebrate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, we were invited to “Orange Our Neighborhoods” to protest violence against women and girls. In the UN the name signs at each place bore the social media “hashtag” seen in the picture, saying […]

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