Get Involved in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

12 January 2015

      See this website for many different ways for you to get involved in ending slavery. Spread awareness! Stop Trafficking: Take Action

Woman of Courage 2015!

7 January 2015

UNANIMA has become more involved in the issue of mining as it impacts water, the environment, and Indigenous Peoples; and many sisters in our communities already are working with this topic. Last July the Peruvian government approved a law which reduces the importance of environmental standards, in order to attract investment in the extractive industries. […]

Climate Summit

7 January 2015

Speaking of Peru (see earlier update!), there was an important UN Climate Summit held in Lima in early December. Ironically, according to an article by the environment editor of a Lima paper, the summit had the biggest carbon footprint of any of the 20 summits preceding it. They were unable to hook into the city […]

For Travelers

7 January 2015

If you are a frequent, or curious traveler, and would like to check things out the socio-environment ahead of time, there is a free app called GeoSure that the UI staff has checked, and we like it! Geosure is a global information firm which provides critical decision support to travelers, by measuring personalized “threat temperature” capability for […]


7 January 2015

HEADLINES! “Alberta Won’t Appeal Decision to Allow Jessica Ernst to Sue” This was a big precedent for environmental lawsuits…the decision of the court was that our Woman of Courage Jessica Ernst has the right to sue her Canadian Province of Alberta over the fracking issue. See   Religious Sister of Charity (RSC) Kayula […]

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