Sold: The Movie

1 September 2014

A movie about trafficking—seven years in the making—will soon be released. SOLD is the story of a 12-year-old Nepalese girl who was trafficked to a brothel in India. The direction and production values are beautifully done. The director, producers, and actors said they considered the making of this movie a real ministry. We hope it […]


1 September 2014

Sisters Louise Cleary CSB and Maureen Foltz CCV stopped by in August, and they both brought a breath of fresh air and a burst of energy into the office. We love having our member community representatives stop by!  The Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus are working in El Paso, Texas, on the US-Mexico […]

Universal Periodic Review

1 September 2014

  Do you want to hold your country accountable for what it claims it is doing to honor your human rights? There is actually a way to do this through a process initiated by the UN Human Rights Council–the Universal Periodic Review (UPR). Follow the directions in the next paragraph to find a Power Point […]

International Youth Day – Mental Health Matters

1 September 2014

The UN celebrated International Youth Day (August 12) with a conversation about the important topic of youth and mental health. There are currently 1.2 billion youth (people aged 15-24 years) worldwide; 20% of them experience a mental health condition. The UN half-day special event discussed mental health issues, especially how to reduce the stigma surrounding […]

Nuclear Weapons, a side event

1 September 2014

UNANIMA is cosponsoring a side event entitled “Sustainability and Nuclear Weapons?” at the DPI NGO Conference. Speakers will include a member of Pax Christi, a Maryknoll Sister, a representative of the Lawyer’s Committee on Nuclear Policy, and a Japanese Buddhist, all with some special expertise in the topic. We hope to raise the issue of […]

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