What Good is the UN?

8 January 2014

Sure, we all know that the UN has its weaknesses and “dark side,” but It provides food for 90 million people in 73 countries It assists over 36 million refugees and people fleeing war, famine, or persecution It keeps the peace with 120,000 peacekeepers in 16 operations on 4 continents It mobilizes 12.4 billion US […]

And Religious Are at the UN Because…?

8 January 2014

Sometimes we NGO sisters walk up 42nd Street saying “what am I doing here?”  Sometimes the visible rewards are skimpy (an “s” on the end of a word, or the word “demand” in a UN document). We represent a sacrifice for our member communities in this time of scarce resources. But Pope John Paul II […]

Woman of Courage 2014!

8 January 2014

When ethnic violence engulfed the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the late 1990s, Rose Mapendo was imprisoned with her family, after a harrowing nighttime arrest of her entire family. Her husband was executed, and her twin sons were born in prison. She emerged from this experience advocating forgiveness and reconciliation. In a country where […]

Warsaw Climate Change Talks

8 January 2014

A new mechanism to help victims of typhoons, floods, drought and other effects of climate change was set up at the United Nations climate conference in Warsaw, after intense wrangling among countries.  The landmark decision will open the road to international coordination of efforts to assist countries affected by weather events. The devastation to the […]


Sustainable Development Goals

8 January 2014

The UN General Assembly’s Open Working Group (OWG) on SDGs was mandated by Member States at Rio+20 to propose a set of sustainable development goals (SDGs) by September 2014. The Sixth Session of the OWG in December considered how the SDGs can be implemented (technology, knowledge sharing, the formation of global partnerships); the needs of countries in […]

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