1 October 2013

We continue to watch the world news, and reach out in hope and prayer to our sisters, the Religious of Jesus and Mary, and all our communities who may have connections in Syria.

Regional Networking

1 October 2013

For two years we talked about creating a directory, so that sisters in different UNANIMA communities in various geographical areas could network with each other on issues of common interest. After all, different regions will be interested in different topics, not necessarily what UNANIMA is directly involved in!  However, the idea of creating (and MAINTAINING) […]

School Project?

1 October 2013

The Christian Brothers in India are mobilizing a social justice project called the “First Eleven Appeal” to work for quality education and health for all children. Last month children from various schools and NGOs visited many embassies, asking that each country respond to the UN Secretary General’s call to end poverty and exclusion by demanding […]

Arms Trade Treaty Signed

1 October 2013

In April, a campaign that spanned two decades and a UN process of seven years ended successfully. The Arms Trade Treaty is a remarkable victory, as the first global treaty to establish common standards for regulating international trade in conventional arms. While not perfect, it sets an important baseline for global action to control the […]


US Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking

1 October 2013

The US is finally imitating ACRATH and APWRATH; in mid-September the second meeting of the US group was held in Washington DC.  You might remember that the LCWR, the national leadership group of women religious, was instrumental in forming a group of national Catholic sisters who head anti-trafficking organizations.  Attending was Kathleen Bryant RSC, seen […]

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