Board Planning Process

1 April 2013

With the help of facilitators Rosalie McDermott and Mary Anne O’Hara (pictured on the next page), the UNANIMA board discussed these and other points at its spring meeting in March:

The Commission on the Status of Women…

1 April 2013

…was a cry for the end of all forms of violence against women and girls. Founded on 21 June 1946, this Commission (about as old as the UN itself) is dedicated to ensuring women’s equality and promoting their rights. Yet after all these years–

Reflections on the Commission for Social Development

1 April 2013

“Following the proceedings of the sessions, hopping from one side event to another, and coming together and sharing views, ideas, learning and insights was indeed an undertaking! This year’s theme, “Promoting Empowerment of People to Achieve the Goals of Social Development” is at the heart of the Salvatorian Sisters’ mission, and I thought of all of them.
Growing up in the Philippines, I quickly learned that there is nothing natural or pre-ordained about poverty, be it material or non-material poverty…

Ghana Project

1 April 2013

It’s getting exciting—the number of countries that will be represented at the anti-trafficking workshop (April 25-26 in Tamale, Ghana) is increasing, and S. Cecila Nya SHCJ –she’s the one with the whole world in her hands–is busy helping participants with visas and transportation. Several communities have given extra support (see March Update and below) and there are others who have indicated they will. Michele has her shots and her African outfit ready for the event, and is anxious to meet UNANIMA members from many countries!

Not Too Early–

1 April 2013

To think about Internships! Since the decision to make an internship often involves planning ahead because of ministry decisions (and visa applications), we are accepting applications now for Fall 2013, and for both the Spring and Fall 2014 internship slots. Please see the new application date review guidelines (attached at the end of this Update). Are you tempted but hesitant?

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