Your Wonderful UNANIMA Board

2 October 2012

Here they are—a very talented group of women, loaned to us by your communities! Some travel literally halfway around the world two times a year. Board meetings are intense, busy, but fun-filled. From left to right, (back row standing):

And A New Member

2 October 2012

Margaret Scott’s community, the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, gave UNANIMA International a tenth anniversary gift by joining UNANIMA officially at this board meeting (see the information about the ACIs below, and their website at ). Happy Tenth Birthday, UNANIMA, One More Time! Along with this mailing you will find a special prayer service to end our year-long celebration.

Opening of the UN

2 October 2012

Last week (September 24) security was tight and we were locked out most of the time, while the heads of state were there. But usually we can see what’s going on via UN webcasts. If you would like to see these, go to the UN Journal page (it comes up as “Documents-UN Journal”), follow the link for “Latest Edition” and click on the little red icon of a movie camera; often you can get live images from the Security Council or from other UN events.

Trafficking Notes

2 October 2012

Some sisters in community leadership in UNANIMA USA communities helped create a proposal against trafficking, out of Region 14 of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious… good news out of LCWR! -–reported by Kathleen Bryant RSC— Laurie Ferguson, a member of the Australian parliament, stopped by the office in late September. The sisters in UNANIMA […]

“Like” us on Facebook!

2 October 2012

As an extension of our Updates, we are tackling the age of social media and have just launched a new Facebook page. We will be sharing new developments at the UN, articles, events, and other resources we discover. Interact with us and with our communities! And to anyone interested in supporting this venture, we encourage […]

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