Economics 101

11 February 2012

Time for a confession: for most of my adult life I did not think of economics as a subject that touched my life—and certainly never thought that I would be reading a book about it! But so many United Nations issues are rooted in economics: war, poverty, environmental crises. This is nothing new: in English there is a saying that “money is the root of all evil.”  As we prepare for Rio+20 around the issue of Sustainable Development, it becomes clear that one of the biggest parts of that topic is how to create patterns of sustainable consumption.

Introducing: Carmenza

11 February 2012

Carmenza Zoque, a Sister of the Divine Savior (Salvatorian) from Bogota, Colombia arrived to begin her internship on January 14. She is celebrating 40 years of religious life! Carmenza has been working with young people and adolescents in the Ciudad Bolivar neighborhood of Bogota. Convinced that religious life is a choice of life lived in joy and surrender to God in the person of the poorest, she is particularly interested in UN work involving women and girls, and the poor.

The Commission on Social Development

11 February 2012

Several representatives of UNANIMA communities will attend this UN commission on February 1-10 this year. UNANIMA works with three committees preparing for it (the Working Group on Climate Change and Poverty, the NGO Committee on Social Development, and a Subcommittee on the Eradication of Poverty. See the prayer service for this month!

The Commission on the Status of Women 56

11 February 2012

In accord with its multi-year program of work, the 2012 priority theme of the CSD is “the empowerment of rural women and their role in poverty and hunger eradication and development.”  The commission will also evaluate progress in the implementation of last year’s theme of “financing for gender equality and empowerment.”  UNANIMA is holding a side event on “Models of Empowerment of  Rural Women” featuring a panel of women representing Africa and Latin America. Almost 20 representatives of UNANIMA communities are registered to attend. Registration is now closed, but you can follow events by checking the webpage for CSW56, or can see live webcasts on .

Initiative for Latin America

11 February 2012

Sister Maria Antonieta Trimpay, SP, a former intern and present board member, will be offering a workshop in Chile, SA on March 10, 2012. It is for UNANIMA members and other interested persons, and will feature “Information and Formation” on the topic of Rio+20. We encourage our Chilean members to attend.

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