Featuring the Brigidines

1 January 2011

This is the third in our ongoing series featuring UNANIMA member congregations.Thanks to Mary Patricia Mulhall, CSB, UNANIMA Board member for her introduction to her congregation.

Children of Chernoble at Brigid’s Well in Kildare

Brigidines are committed to live in a spirit of right relationship with the sacred community of planet Earth and be a prophetic voice in solidarity with the oppressed.

In the spirit of Brigid and her monastic tradition, the congregation has centres of spirituality to provide hospitality, healing, compassion, hope and healing for all. The plight of those living in poverty and oppression, particularly women and children, including refugees and migrants as well as our environment, are issues of social and ecological justice that are of concern to us.

Cancun December 2010 Climate Change Negotiations

1 January 2011

What does the balance sheet from the climate change negotiations look like?

Expectations were low going in to Cancun. Throughout the two weeks we heard several refrains reflecting that the problems in Copenhagen the year before were not to be repeated: “There are no secret texts.” “There are no closed meetings.” And there were not. “A balanced package in Cancun means that everyone gets something but no one gets everything.” There must be compromise. And there was.

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Follow-up: Stop the Demand

1 January 2011

Wesley Ebenezer (India) prepared a YOU TUBE clip to raise awareness. For the sound track he used music shared at the workshop “The Firefly” composed by Lorne Hesse and performed by Keith MacPherson from Manitoba, CANADA.



1 January 2011

9th session of the UN Forum on Forests Location: UN Headquarters, New York, USA Click here for more information.