Upcoming Commissions

1 February 2010

  • The 48th Session of the Commission on Social Development begins for NGOs on 2 February 2010, with a civil society forum where NGOs will be briefed on the commission’s theme of social integration and finalize a civil society declaration to be delivered the first day of the commission. Louise Cleary worked with the collation of an NGO survey on good practices of social integration.  The executive summary of this survey has been printed and will be distributed to the governments at the commission.Coalition Coordinator, Catherine Ferguson, will be one of the persons assisting with NGO orientation on the first day of the commission and will be speaking on a panel on 10 February to discuss how NGO grassroots projects have been affected by the global economic crisis.
  • The54th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women will take place from 1–12 March 2010.  Because the UNANIMA International board meeting occurs from 4-6 March many of the board members will also participate in part of the commission meetings.  UNANIMA International is the lead sponsor of a panel discussion entitled “If there is no demand there would be no supply.”  Catherine will be one of the speakers and will discuss UNANIMA’s STOP THE DEMAND campaign.

Important Announcement

1 February 2010

Application forms for the Workshop on Stopping the Demand for Trafficking in Women and Children to be held in New York from 28 to 30 May are now available online on UNANIMA website. Please encourage English-speaking youth between the ages of 18 and 25 to consider applying. All expenses will be covered.


New Website

1 February 2010

Look out for our new website, which will go live later in February.

Protect the Children of Haiti

1 February 2010

Our website features updates about the situation of our members in Haiti and on 28 January, 2010, the Executive Director of UNICEF, Hilde Johnson, the Haitian Ambassador to the UN, Leo Mérorès, briefed us on the situation of Haiti’s children.